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High frequency and high production hydraulic breakers designed specifically for mini-excavators and skid steers for light to medium breaking of rock and concrete.
These hammers are effective in a wide range of construction and demolition applications from breaking non-reinforced concrete with a RHB 303S or 304S on a mini-excavator to removing concrete sidewalks and pads with a RHB 305S on a skid steer.
These hammers have been designed to eliminate the unnecessary rubber bladder type accumulator, minimizing maintenance and downtime.
The 303S, 304S, and 305S are now designed as a silenced full box enclosure hammer.
Model Numbers 303S 304S 305S
For larger concrete jobs and small rock jobs the RHB 306S mounted on a loader backhoe is an ideal piece of equipment guaranteed to get the job done.
Magnum hydraulic hammers operate on a combined oil and gas principle. The nitrogen chamber is designed to absorb piston recoil and recycle the energy to increase the power of the next blow.
The 305S, 306S and 309S are designed as a silenced hammer for urban areas.


Model Numbers 305S 306S 309S

These hammers are designed to handle the toughest rock excavations and large concrete demolition projects.
Dual speed impact frequency allows the hammer speed to be adjusted for maximum productivity.
The full box enclosure protects the hammer minimizing hammer maintenance and reduces noise.

Model Numbers
313S 320S 325S 330S 340S 350S

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